Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Hj. Ishak b. Wagini

Managing Director

He starts from the beginning as a Non Destructive Test (NDT) specialist last 20 years ago till he found JLM Tech to explore the construction/fabrication work in oil & gas, petrochemical & marine service. He develops himself & his company to give the best supports in this challenging industry.

Ronzi b. Mohd Hashim


He has vast experience in the Engineering field with the several local engineering and oversea company. Start from an inspiration to be a successful entrepreneur, he together build up JLM Tech to become one of the best player in this industries. With his commitment, he will ensure JLM Tech can provide the best service to their client.

Key Personnel

Khairul Hafizi Bin Mohd Ali

Project Engineer

Qualified with Degree in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding. He has experience in ship repair and construction during his internship and now starting to develop his career as an Engineer.

Nur Ammalina bt Ronzi

Admin Officer

Qualified with Diploma in Accountancy, is the Admin Officer of the Company. She eager to gain new experience & ready to develop herself in this challenging career.

Sharlena bt Che Roni

Account Clerk

Qualified with Degree in Industrial Chemistry , is the Account Clerk of the Company. She has an experience for more than 7 years in Administration field.

Iskandar b. Sabtu

HAVC Engineer

Assign as HAVC Engineer and qualified with Professional Diploma In Engineering Resources Management from UTM AND Sijil Kejuruteraan Electric(KUASA) from Politeknik Port Dickson and have experience in Eletrical,Instrument and HAVC for more than 13 years.

Ahmad Hidayat bin Md Ali


Graduated in Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding from Local Institute. Experience in Steel Fabrication for Marine Repair as well as Oil & Gas Industry.

Jamaludin b. Marlan

Mechanical Engineer

He have 28 years of experience in Civil & Engineering work. He is the Mechanical Engineer of the company and Qualified in Mechanical Boiler Service and Overhaul.

Jumaat b. Hussen


He is the Supervisor of the company and have experience for more than 20 years in oil & Gas.