Our Policy


Health, Safety & Environment Policy

JLM Tech are committed to having and effective health , safety & environmental (HSE) POLICY as one of our business objectives. We always conduct our operation in such a manner as to:


  • Provide a safe working condition and healthy environment for our employees and sub-contractors
  • Protect the health and safety of the public.
  • Prevent the loss or damaged to property & environment as a result of our activities.
  • Comply strictly to & promote Client’s Safety Rules & Regulations and relevant legislation’s for the protection of Health, Safety and welfare of all who may be affected by our activities.


Our HSE Committee will review the objective of HSE Policy periodically and formulate new appropriate policy at any time. Then Committee also responsible to review the safety performance of the project teams, establish and direct remedial action. JLM Tech strives at all times towards performing all its activities without accidents, injury or occupational illness.

The management always ensures that our projects will achieve the following objectives:

  • No near misses
  • Zero lost time injury
  • No destruction of environment such as pollution